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"Wealth is the ability to fully experience life"
- Henry David Thoreau 

Healthy Wealthy Wise Women   Journey ?

All too often success is only measured by the size of your company or the thickness of your portfolio. You work hard to achieve your goals. First go hard, then relax! Until you suddenly notice that your health is under pressure, that your zest for life is lost, or that you no longer know yourself. This has nothing to do with success for me.

Being aware of your female leadership has to do with being powerfully in balance! 

When you are in balance, you know who you are, what you want, and how you can achieve this. You enjoy the result and the road to it to the fullest. As a self-confident woman you know that this is a continuous process, because the road is never finished!


This program is a powerful boost on this path! Together we will look at which theme currently requires the most attention from you! 


Where exactly is it that you want to get from A to B? Do you want to take even more steps in being financially free? Do you want more balance between work and family? Do you long for rest? Everything in your life seems right, but are you missing fulfillment?


All these questions absorb energy and get in the way of your balance, your peace and your best life ever! I've lived through this myself, I'm an expert in this. These themes are so important! If one of them is not in order, it will already cause an energy leak.


This is not necessary! This can be different!


It fulfills me so much to help you to achieve more results. Through many small systematic interventions in combination with 'breakthrough thinking' we achieve a great result!


Are you ready to face your comfort zone, your distractions and your fear? Are you willing to take steps? 


Vulnerability and courage go hand in hand, you are worth it! 

Do you want

  • more balance?

  • more peace of mind?

  • financial freedom?

  • to be grounded in your femininity?

  • to be connected to your inner wisdom?

  • to get your purpose clearer and live a 'walk your talk' life?


Then the Healthy Wealthy Wise Women Journey is the journey you should be on!

Say no more!
I want to hear how you see it for me, Fabienne!

Who says
that work should not also be pleasure ?

From my experience as a tour guide, a hobby that I have passionately practiced for 15 years, I know how enriching travel is, how beneficial for body and soul. That is why we are literally going on a journey in this leadership program : a 5-day retreat in a magical place in warmer climes that invites you to enjoy and relax. A location that supports your process, where you have time to let everything sink in deeply, and where you are enriched by the exchange with and experiences of the other participating women.

Ready to tackle your theme of growth?


You will be immersed in an Immunity Boost program: with Immunity Boost nutrition. Learn to take care of an even healthier lifestyle. Nutrition, as well as gentle exercise and a powerful mindset.


Discover how you can ensure even more financial freedom. I successfully preceded this and give you the right golden tips and strategies. 



Listen to your inner voice, discover your obstacles and create the mindset to bring about change.


Discover, enjoy and cultivate your unique feminine energy.

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