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"You are the creator of your life"
- Fabienne Claeys

About Fabienne Claeys

Pretty soon after my studies I was already working at management level in organizations, where my focus was on achieving results. I was strong in this, which allowed me to work in top companies and achieve wonderful things. 

At the age of 30 I became self-employed and started a company with 15 people. Subsequently, as an interim manager, I led various departments in companies, and as a high performance coach I guided +7000 executives and CEOs with proven results. So I have earned my stripes in the field of achieving results and performance.

In the meantime I also became a mother of 2 beautiful children, and I discovered many passions. Rather a 'lifeaholic' than a workaholic. Why choose when you can have both? I combined motherhood and my personal life with being successful in business, and I managed to keep this in balance.

Fabienne Claeys-HWWW Journey
Fabienne Claeys Leadership Mentor

In addition to my drive to achieve business success, I was always interested in the human side of the result. Are people happier now, is there more job satisfaction, is there less stress, is there a better work-life balance...?

This was my credo in the next company I started. As a high performance coach, I always wanted to be able to record measurable and tangible results. “After all, numbers on paper do not mean much, it’s the positive figures with tangible results that count toward real success!”

In the meantime, due to my eternal hunger for studying and self-development, I followed many long-term courses: ayurveda, mindfulness, shamanism, Taoism, organizational and family constellations, nlp master,... Wisdom from all corners of the world!

In my life I have come to a point where measurable and tangible results are in perfect balance in myself. I lead a very successful business life, I am financially free, I follow my inner voice, I am in very good health, and I fully enjoy being a woman: so I literally feel a Healthy Wealthy Wise Woman. 

I would like to pass on all the knowledge that has brought me to this point to self-confident, women with drive who want to shape their lives according to their own wisdom. Completely customised, exclusive, with guaranteed results. 

Not just a classic leadership program, but one that perfectly reflects what a high-end life itself is like: that is why we go to beautiful places while working where there is plenty of room for enjoyment. For 15 years I have accompanied travel to the most beautiful places in the world in my spare time . I sincerely hope to be able to take you on this wonderful journey to your most beautiful life!

Does this resonate with you? Awesome! Then I look forward to getting to know you!

Fabienne Claeys High End Life
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