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In the Healthy Wealthy Wise Women Journey I guide self-confident women with the drive to live their best life ever and start their next step transition NOW.


Personal guidance for you in the themes of time and financial independence and health and wisdom... I am happy to help you. 


With guaranteed results! So that you are even more powerfully balanced and can lead a fulfilling life!



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For whom?

Are you already quite successful, not only in business, but in many areas?


Are personal growth and self-leadership evident for you? 

Do you realize that health, wisdom and financial abundance go hand in hand? 


And are you willing to take the necessary steps to grow even more? 


What is the
Healthy Wealthy Wise Woman Journey ?

The Healthy Wealthy Wise Women Journey is a powerful personal leadership journey. On this path we will work for 6 months on your individual goal: in the field of health, financial freedom, internal female wisdom, or ... a combination of these.

The icing on the cake is a 5-day retreat in a magical location in warmer climes. Here we will work actively with your themes and with the themes of the group. In this journey I support you through personalized individual sessions.

Ready to take further growth steps so that you can live the life that suits you even more? 

Not just any leadership program!

All-round route

This program is not just about business success. You will learn to be powerfully balanced in your whole life: in terms of time + money + health + wisdom.

Time for integration

We will travel for 6 months along themes that currently require your attention. Themes that help you live your best life ever even more. In these 6 months you'll have plenty of time to implement and integrate everything.

Work and enjoy

In a successful life, work and life are one. No separate parts to keep in balance. In this program you work intensively on your goals, and you enjoy a Retreat full of pampering along the way. 


Guaranteed success

I went before you, know what it takes to succeed and promise you that you will achieve your goals! Truly a program for those who are willing to take active steps. 

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